Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nigella’s Everyday Brownies (Chocolate Brownies with Milk Chocolate Pieces)

Hi Friends,

Made Chocolate Brownies today and it turned out to be good. But became too soft and its difficult to cut into blocks. So we had to eat it as pudding :-(

Instead of Milk Chocolate, I had use Morde's Dark Chocolate.

Found this recipe from Nigella Lawson's Website ( and also Aarthi's Blog (

Thanx to them!

Cut them into blocks
Coming next, Egg-less Zebra Cake.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My first Egg-less Black Forest Cake

My first Egg-less Black Forest Cake
(Made in February 2011)

It does not look professional. Tried to decorate with Whip Cream but its more of liquid and starts to flow down. I'd used Blue Bird Whip Cream. It does not become thick.


After cutting, Whipped Cream started flowing out from the Sandwich Cake

Can anyone help me how to make Whip Cream thicker.